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Quote1.png If Kathy's the brass, Nell's the brawns, and Harper's the brains--[I'll be] the beauty, of course. Quote2.png
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Alysia Yeoh is one of the Batgirls, a band of youngsters inspired by Batwoman.

Year One (1940)

Joining the Batgirls.

Alysia is recruited by the Batgirls to help them break into the Pinkey Orphanage to rescue Harper Row's brother, Cullen, as Alysia had previously escaped the orphanage herself. When they start sneaking in Alysia sees the Headmistress catching, threatening and mocking her friend Tim Drake and leaps to protect him, turning their stealth mission to save one into an assault to save all the kids trapped in Pinkey's. Tim tells the Batgirls that the Headmistress is forcing the children to build weapons and sending them to Nazi Germany, so the girls and Tim and Cullen destroy the weapons and workshop at Pinkey Orphanage while they're at it.[1]

Year Two (1941)

After Mayor Harvey Dent vows to bring the Batgirls to justice, Alysia loses her temper and threatens Dent's life, which discredits the Batgirls' reputation even more. Later, after being captured by Oswald Cobblepot, she is forced by Dr. Hugo Strange to attack Dent. But Dent is able to save the Batgirls from captivity before any damage can be done.

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Year Five (1944)

When Harper, Tim, and Bette fall under a spell from a voice played in the radio, Kathy sends both Alysia and Felicity to Honolulu, Hawaii to find the only person in the world that would have a voice like that: Black Canary

Year Six (1945)

The Batgirls fought the seemingly endless waves of Lena Luthor's warriors in the streets of Gotham. When they were joined by Black Canary and Green Arrow Alysia giddily introduced them to her girlfriend Nell Little in the middle of the fight.[2]



  • Bat: As a member of the Batgirls, Alysia Yeoh uses a bat as a weapon.

  • Alysia reveals to Tim Drake that she ran away from the Pinkey Orphanage because they did not accept her gender identity, among other reasons, which mirrors her mainstream version, who is transgender.[3]
  • After World War II, Alysia and Nell Little engage in a romantic relationship.[4]