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Alysia Yeoh is a close friend and previous roommate to the superhero Batgirl in her secret identity as Barbara Gordon. She primarily works as a bartender. Her girlfriend and then eventually wife is Jo Muñoz, who she met through political activism. Alysia is a transgender woman of Singaporean descent.

Roommates with Batgirl

Barbara moved in with Alysia when she first left her father's home, answering an advertisement on "Greg's List." Alysia explained to Barbara that she painted during the day, and worked as a bartender at night, although her ambition was to be a professional chef one day. Though only knowing Barbara for a very brief amount of time, she was very outgoing, instantly becoming warmly receptive to her new roommate. Alysia did notice how secretive Barbara was at times, but she didn't keep pressing the issue.

Eventually she met Barbara's brother, James Gordon Jr., and they began dating. He later gave her a pet cat named Alaska as a gift, one that Barbara later noticed was very much like the cat named Alaska that her family used to have.

Death of the Family

When Alysia returned home one day, she found Barbara standing over several unconscious members of the Joker's gang. Barbara apologized, explaining she hadn't been honest with Alysia. Barbara suggested Alysia go to the police, and tell them there had been a break in, before mentioning that she'd never see her again. Instead of taking Barbara's advice, Alysia called James Jr., and together they drove to the church where the Joker was trying to force Batgirl to marry him. Alysia witnessed the action from outside and became alerted to how evil her boyfriend James truly was.

Soon afterwards, Barbara returned home and shared much of her personal background with Alysia, up to, but not including her identity as Batgirl. Alysia, after having tried several times in the previous months to do so, finally confides that she was transgender. Barbara responded with a simple, but earnest statement of love and acceptance.


  • According to Alysia Yeoh's creator Gail Simone on Twitter, Yeoh was at one point intended to temporarily replace Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. Simone shared that her plan was that "...Barbara was going to be injured in the fight with Nightfall (sic)[3], and she confides in Alysia, who decides to wear the suit for a while. It would have made the book more of a neighborhood patrol, only the neighborhood is the worst part of Gotham."[4]



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