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Amadan is the unrecognized son of King Magnus of the Seelie court.

Even as an illegitimate son, Amadan served in the Seelie court of his father, and the next kings, but unable to claim the throne for himself. Nevertheless, the Amadan shaped the destiny of The Fair Lands just with his smarts, manipulating the actions of others, whether they be kings or enemies, it didn't mattered to him.

While in service of his father, he helped him bring male humans into The Fair Lands, so they could mate with the female fairies, as the fair folk was a race of rare births, and Magnus discovered that the fairy blood was tainted, and destined to extintion. This was done in secret, as the relationships between humans and fairies were taboo, and usually the mother fairy dies after giving birth a baby of those unions. In one of many festivals made by Magnus to keep to populace drunk, and mix humans with them, Amadam manipulated the events so Magnus would die, killed by Sturm the Troll, and Oubrey was declared the next king.[1]

Serving Oubrey, seeing that the king was not leaving any offspring, he convinced the king to dispose of her wife, Queen Dymphna, and marry her protegee, Titania, who knew she was really a human, and so, she would be able to have offspring with Oubrey.

The civil war on faerie was raging, and Oubrey lost his life to his nephew, Auberon. To unite the kingdom, Auberon married Titania. The Queen became pregnant, but she had falled in love with a human, Tamlin, so she could not discern who was the father. When the boy was born a perfect human boy, Amadan was in charge of making the boy disappear.

Years later, Amadan keep at the service of Titania, and Auberon. Still trying to plot the destiny of Faerie, brought Molly O'Reilly to tha Fair Lands, to decide which of them was the greatest fool. The contest could not be made, as Molly was cursed by Titania, and she started setting all of faerie in fire. He was declared culprit of Molly's presence on faerie, so he was chased by an angry mob. Still trying to get something of this, tried to blame Yarrow, but the flitling managed to trick Amadan to turn himself into stone, and broke himself. As a result, he could not turn back to be a flitling, and now his head rest in a tree of fairie, waiting for someone to complete him and turn him back to normal.[2]


  • Magic: As a fairy, descendant of the second king of faerie, Amadan has great magical skills.
    • Glamour: Amadan can change his appearance when needed. For hundred of ages he was a fairy such as Auberon, but since the reign of Oubrey he choose the image of a flitling.
    • Dimensional Travel
    • Teleportation
    • Immortality



  • Ancient Rules: As all inhabitants of the realsm, Amadan is bound to old rules that limits his actions.

This character is an adaptation of Amadan Dubh, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at



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