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Amalak fought against Kryptonian colonialism, and after the destruction of the planet, vowed to take out any survivor.

When the planet Krypton was a interstellar empire, several planets fell under its expansion. Among those planets lived Amalak, whose home world was devastated by Admiral Dru-Zod. Enraged after discovering all his people were dead, Amalak swore vengeance on all Kryptonians.[1]

Amalak traveled to Earth, where he attacked Superman and his Kryptonian ilk and allies. He also learned that Christopher Kent was the son of General Zod and focus his anger on killing him. However, Amalak was ultimately defeated due to the actions of Karsta Wor-Ul. Amalak and his minions were taken by Karsta to the interstellar authorities.



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