Amanda Lydecker is a student at Gotham Academy where she pretended to befriend Olive Silverlock while plotting to destroy her mind.

Amanda became the latest in her family to take up the identity of the Fox of the Terrible Trio and the longstanding Lydecker plot to gain control of Gotham using Calamity. During the second semester of her sophomore year she was among the students targeted and mind controlled using Jarvis tech hats by Haxan.


  • Leadership: Amanda is the leader of the current iteration of the Terrible Trio.
  • Occultism: Amanda uses her family's knowledge and the Book of Old Gotham to empower the ghost of Amity Arkham and attempt to overwrite the ghost's current host's personality entirely and permanently.

A Lydecker has been a member of the Terrible Trio since the group's first iteration in 1958's Detective Comics Vol 1 253 where Armand Lydecker was the Vulture. The identity of the Vulture was later taken up by Timothy Fox.



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