Amanda Marie McCoy was a scientist that worked for Lexcorp.

Under assignment, she discovered that a woman named Lana Lang had been seen in several background photographs at known Superman appearances. She revealed her findings to Lex Luthor, who then used his influence and power to force Amanda McCoy to come to dinner with him. Their candlelit evening was disrupted however when he learned that his men had found Lana Lang. Amanda McCoy finished extrapolating all known information concerning Superman. Feeding the info into a computer, the results revealed that Superman was in fact reporter Clark Kent. However, Luthor strongly refuse to believe that someone such as Superman could ever find satisfaction masquerading as a normal human. Believing that Amanda has failed him, Luthor promptly fired her.

Attempting to prove her theory, Amanda hired private detective Matt Stockton to investigate Clark Kent, but this investigation resulted in Stockton being killed by Intergang when he broke into Kent's apartment, the two men being similar enough in the dark for the Intergang assassins to make a mistake. Eventually, Amanda arranged to meet with Kent in a graveyard after stealing Luthor's kryptonite ring to confirm her theory, but she ran off in a panic after exposure to the ring caused Clark to pass out. While walking home in a panic, she was attacked and killed by a pair of muggers who subsequently stole her keys and ID to rob her apartment; the ring fell out of her hand and was found by a homeless man who later travelled to Gotham, with Batman finding his body and the ring after he died of radiation exposure. Superman and Batman's subsequent investigation of the deaths revealed Amanda's history with Luthor and her reason for confronting Clark Kent that night.

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