Amanda Spence was a field operative for the Agenda. She was tasked by the Directors with capturing Superboy, part of a plot to clone the teen superhero. Posing as a reporter, Spence interviewed Tana Moon for information about Superboy. Tana disclosed a lot about the kid, including some of his weaknesses.[1]

Spence put together a team and attacked Superboy at The Compound. Utilizing what she had learned, Spence was able to take down Superboy and drag him back to the Agenda Headquarters. The Agenda successfully cloned Superboy, creating Match, who was even more powerful than the Kid. Match was to be the first of an entire army, but Superboy escaped. Battling Match in the Agenda's lair, Superboy triggers a chain reaction that destroys the entire lair. He rescues Spence from the complex as he makes his escape, and she and the Directors are placed under arrest.[2]

Spence was then placed in the Slab. While he had been captured, Superboy was infected with a virus designed to break down his DNA. When Supergirl came to the Slab to seek information, Spence decided to tell her what she needs to know to save Superboy. Spence does this because she figures she owes the Kid one for saving her life from the exploding base.[3]





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