Amanda Turner was a student at Ivy University.

Right from the start, she had a romantic interest in Ryan Choi, but the strict rules on teacher-student romance prevented any relation - that, and Ryan's complete ignorance to her advances.

After finishing her studies, she moved in to the house next to Ryan's, though she only found that out later. She hoped her not being a student anymore could change something, but Ryan did not pick up on it.

Shortly after, Amanda was kidnapped by a subatomic creature, along with several other Ivy Town residents. She struck up a relationship with Panda Potter, and bore his baby. When Panda was killed and the rest of the people restored to normal size, Amanda raised little Ichiro with help from her mother. She and Ryan also started a relationship, much to the annoyance of her mother. Ryan himself also considered it a sort of betrayal to Panda.

After Ryan had gone missing for two weeks, she had hoped that he was still alive. She was surprised to see the Atom return to Ivy Town, but it was the other Atom - Ray Palmer. She felt that he too thought Ryan was dead, but he could not tell.



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