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Amanda "The Wall" Waller is a hardline top-ranking U.S. Government agent involved in clandestine operations. Despite her non-threatening physical appearance, she is almost universally feared as one of the most ruthless women in espionage and politics. She created and runs the Suicide Squad, a team of super-villains running missions for the government in exchange for reduced prison sentences; she has also been involved with Agency, Checkmate, the Shadow Fighters, and once led the Secret Six as Mockingbird. In most media in which she appears, she seems to have a distinct rivalry with the Batman. Whenever the two are shown together, they are almost always shown to have a pre-existing relationship of bitterness over their respective methods.

Amanda Waller was created by John Ostrander, Len Wein and John Byrne, first appearing in Legends #1 (1986).


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