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Director Amanda Waller is the manipulative and patriotic director of A.R.G.U.S., the founder of the Task Force X program, and a high-ranking government official with connections to the Justice Society.

Early Life

Amanda Waller was a government agent who mothered a friendly and ambitious daughter named Leota, who she trained to be an incredible combatant and killer. Her cold attitude and manipulations drove them apart, and Leota went off to run a dog shelter. Waller, meanwhile, rose to power as the director of A.R.G.U.S. sometime before 2016, and grew even crueler and more manipulative as a result.[2][3] After the death of Superman, she spoke with several others, expressing her concern that the next Superman may not see the original's worldview. To fill the gap of power, Waller assembled Task Force X, a team of supervillains who would obey her orders in exchange for time off their sentences. One of Waller's greatest assets was June Moone, the host of the witch Enchantress, and was partially controlled by Moone's boyfriend and Waller's key ally Rick Flag.[1]

Assassinating Enchantress

In 2016, Enchantress got ahold of Waller's edge against her, her own heart and trapped Waller and several other of Waller's men inside Midway City. The squad was assembled, but given little details over the mission. Waller was rescued but her escort out was botched by the combined efforts of Enchantress and the Joker, resulting in her helicopter to crash.

After the squad destroyed Enchantress and freed Moone, Waller was revealed to be alive. She made good on her promise and reduced the remaining villains' sentences by ten years and did each member a favor, except Captain Boomerang.[1]

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Destroying Project Starfish

In 2020, the island nation of Corto Maltese, where the Americans had been performing illegal experiments in the laboratory Jotunheim since the Cold War, had its rulers overthrown by Silvio Luna, a ruthless terrorist who hated America. Fearing American involvement in the experiments would be leaked to the public, Waller dispatched the Suicide Squad out to destroy Jotunheim. However, she told the majority of them it was to protect the world from the powerful and dangerous Project Starfish, the primary experiment of the compound, only telling the patriotic vigilante Peacemaker of the mission's true intent, and instructed him to destroy evidence of American involvement by any means necessary.

A week after Luna's takeover, Waller sent out two strike teams of Squad members, one full of useless, weak villains and people she just didn't like, including Rick Flag, to distract the Maltese forces on one beach so the other team with Peacemaker on it could complete the mission. The second Squad, led by the mercenary Bloodsport, was on its way to a nightclub to capture the Thinker, Jotunheim's head scientist, when Waller realized Flag was still alive in a camp with troops. Knowing he'd be suspicious if no one came for him, Waller sent out the Squad to retrieve him, and they slaughtered the majority of the troops before learning they were a rebellion against Luna's regime.

When Waller regained communication with the Squad, Jotunheim had been destroyed and the enormous starfish-like alien creature at the center of Project Starfish, Starro, was free to go on a destructive rampage across the nation. Seeing this, Waller ordered the Squad to stand down and return home since Jotunheim was destroyed, even though Starro was killing dozens in its destructive rampage. Bloodsport wasn't satisfied, however, having learned the truth about the Americans' involvement in the project, and led the team back to destroy Starro. Even Waller's aides helped them out, not wanting to see so many innocents die, with Flo Crawley knocking Waller unconscious so she couldn't stop the Squad, and John Economos and Emilia Harcourt helping guide the Squad to fight the creature.

When Waller came to, she discovered that Peacemaker had been incapacitated after killing Flag for the incriminating records within Jotunheim, and that Bloodsport had uploaded the records to a secure server, presumably with the help of Waller's aides. He then demanded a ride back to America for him and his remaining teammates, as well as freedom for all of them, or he'd leak the records to the public. Waller begrudgingly agreed, and the Suicide Squad was freed, leaving only Peacemaker loyal to Waller, but in the hospital in critical condition.[3]

Project Butterfly

Some time after the Jotunheim mission, Waller was contacted by Clemson Murn, an alien Butterfly soldier, who informed Waller that his species' queen, Goff, planned to conquer Earth with the rest of the Butterflies. Seeing an opportunity to further utilize Peacemaker and get back at Economos and Harcourt for betraying her, Waller assembled Project Butterfly, a subsidiary of the Task Force X program, headed by Murn, and consisting of Economos, Harcourt, and, when he had recovered, Peacemaker. She also drafted her daughter Leota, who was struggling financially and needed the money.

Knowing Peacemaker was the son of the white supremacist supervillain the White Dragon, Waller picked him out as the perfect scapegoat in case the mission went wrong. She assigned Leota to hide a fake diary in Peacemaker's home so that if the police were onto the team, they could point to their plans as being Peacemaker's conspiracy theories. However, after the Butterflies were defeated, Leota turned on her mother and held a press conference after the mission, revealing the existence of Task Force X to the public, effectively disarming the entire operation.[4][2][5]

Black Adam's Return

In 2022, the powerful Teth-Adam was released from his five thousand year magical imprisonment, and began wreaking havoc across the nation of Kahndaq in his ruthless slaughter of the forces of Intergang. Upon learning of this, Waller proceeded to use her government connections to contact the recently reformed Justice Society, the world's first superhero team, and sent them to Kahndaq to capture and contain him.

After a long battle, the Society managed to get him into containment, but when the villainous Sabbac emerged, the mystic Society member Doctor Fate used his powers to free Teth-Adam from his prison and allow him to help them defeat Sabbac. Now calling himself "Black Adam", he declared himself Kahndaq's protector, and parted on good terms with the Society, but Waller remained wary. Via a holographic projection, she threatened Adam that if he didn't stay in Kahndaq, she would send more forces against him. When he decided to challenge her threat, Waller called in a favor and sent in the now resurrected Superman to talk with Black Adam and force him to stand down.[6]


  • Waller never learned that Murn was a Butterfly, instead believing him to be the Nyasiran mercenary that he possessed, even after his death at the hands of Goff.[7][2]
  • Waller is an inexperienced golfer, practicing in Belle Reve to not look foolish in front of Senator Cray.[3]


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