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Amanda Waller was a government agent who would do almost anything to get what she wanted, either through intimidation or blackmail.

After the death of Superman, she spoke with several other speaking her concern that the next Superman may not see his world views. To fill the gap of power, Waller wanted to assemble Task Force X, a team of villains who wouldn't have a choice but to obey her orders. One of Waller's greatest assets was June Moone, the host of the witch Enchantress, and was partially controlled by Moone's boyfriend/ Waller's key ally Rick Flagg.

One day, Enchantress got ahold of Waller's edge against her, her own heart and trapped Waller and several other of Waller's men inside Midway City. The squad was assembled, but given little details over the mission. Waller was rescued but her escort out was botched by the combined efforts of Enchantress and the Joker, resulting in her helicopter to crash.

After the squad destroyed Enchantress and freed Moone, Waller was revealed to be alive. She made good on her promise and reduced the remaining villain's sentences by 10 years and did each member a favor, except Captain Boomerang.[2]




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