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In a possible future, Amanda Waller became the director of Cadmus Labs.[1]

Obsessed with keeping the legacy of Batman alive, she tasked Cadmus with creating a clone of Dick Grayson, but the clone developed a warped sense of justice and hatred towards the Batman Family.[2] During an annual physical, the clone was able to break free and escape the facility. He then became a serial killer under the alias Hush.[3] Cadmus' head scientist, Nora Reid, wanted to go to the Gotham City Police Department to help stop Hush, but Director Waller told her they'd frame her for the project.[4] Nonetheless, Dr. Reid went to the GCPD Headquarters. Waller caught on and sent her security force to intercept her, but they were defeated by Dick Grayson.[5] The Gotham City Police Department investigated Cadmus, only obtaining falsified records on Reid. After Hush's defeat, Waller hired Dr. Thawne as the new head scientist of their Grayson project.[6]




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