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Amaya Jiwe is a superhero known as Vixen and a former member of the Legends.

Justice Society of America

Amaya is from Zambesi. She is a totem bearer. The totem she wields is the Anansi Totem which connects her to the animal kingdom.

When the totem was passed down to her, she became the protector of Zambesi. In the early 1940s, she was recruited to be a memeber of the JSA, the Justice Society of America. While being in the JSA, she fell in love with Rex Tyler, a superhero named Hourman. However, Rex ended up getting killed. This caused her to board the Waverider, thinking it was Heat Wave (Mick Rory) who killed him due to the fact Rex's last words were "time traveler". After realizing Mick didn't murder Rex, she joined Sara Lance and the rest of the Legends on duty, hoping to find Rex Tyler's assassin.


Soon after, the team was introduced to time aberrations. These are moments in history that have affected the present and/or future. It was their job to restore time back to what it was. During a mission, she and Nate Heywood decide to go familiarize with her time. However, they realize her fellow team members from the JSA had all been killed. The society had been left deserted and abandoned. Amaya and Nate had been attacked by a mysterious, shadowy figure in the training facility.

The Legends traveled to 2016 and helped Team Arrow, Team Flash, and Supergirl defeat aliens known as Dominators. After having won, she celebrated with her team while being congratulated by the U.S President.

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  • Amaya notes what she liked most being with the Legends except for her lover Nate, was sports bras.[4]



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