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Amazo is a robotic enemy of the Justice League of America, a deadly android designed by the mad scientist Professor Ivo. He has the ability to duplicate the powers of every member of the League, making him one of their most dangerous villains. Although he was originally a mindless robot with a single directive, his ability to adapt to any situation has allowed him to achieve sentience in his constant efforts to upgrade himself.

The limits of his powers have never been completely explored, but he has been able to duplicate the powers of dozens of superheroes at a time, making him potentially unstoppable. He also has a son named Kid Amazo. In the New 52, the Amazo android was still active, but his title was usurped by patient zero of Lex Luthor's Amazo Virus - Armen Ikarus.

Amazo was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, he first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #30 (1960).

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