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Amazo was a highly advanced adapting android who was looking for a purpose.

Amazo was created by Professor Ivo, a brilliant scientist expert in nanotechnology once under Luthor's employ. Amazo has the ability to read a person's abilities and mimic them, taking them and using them for his own use. By the time Amazo was able to copy the entire Justice League's powers, he realized that the man he had allied with, Lex Luthor, had been tricking him all along. He never planned to help Amazo in his life after defeating the Justice League--in fact, he planned to destroy him. With this in mind, Amazo left the planet and began scouting the galaxy for a more intelligent life. A veritable "god" with all of knowledge, powers, and evolution, Amazo returned to Earth after a short hiatus in an attempt to remove Lex Luthor, the man who had lied to him when he was still a naive robot, from existence literally. Though he did meet up with Luthor despite facing heavy resistance from the expanded Justice League, he was convinced by Luthor to allow him to live--in an attempt for Luthor to right his wrongs and do better, and for Amazo to continue his evolving.

Dr. Fate arrived on the scene seconds after and allowed Amazo to go with him, in an effort to help him find his place in life.

Amazo later helped the Justice League in their fight against Solomon Grundy; Grundy's revival through Chaos Magic allowed him to absorb the energy that Amazo projected at him. Amazo teleported to a far place in the galaxy to figure out how to counteract this dilemma.



  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite (Formerly): After replicating Kryptonian powers, Amazo also gained their weaknesses. He later adpated to it and kryptonite no longer had an affect on him.[3]


  • Amazo is also known as A.M.A.Z.O., Amazo 2000 and the Android.


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