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Quote1.png I am programmed to use all of the Super Friends' abilities. Quote2.png
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Amazo was an android created by Professor Ivo with the power to copy people's abilities.

Hungry for Power

His creator sent him against the Super Friends. He caught them off guard and replicated Green Lantern's powers to trap them. After they escaped, Ivo and his android against attacked the Super Friends. Aquaman question the professor as to why Amazo had yet to display his powers, prompting Ivo to send him into a nearby bod of water, causing him to short circuit.[1]

Bizarro Super Friends

Out of prison, Ivo rebuilt Amazo, this time making him water resistant. He and his android once again attempted to prove that they were superior to the Super Friends. This time; however, the Super Friends were aided by the Bizarro Super Friends. When Amazo copied their skills and abilities, he copied their reverse knowledge and ended up shutting himself off.[2]





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