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Amazo is an android designed by the mad scientist Professor Ivo, capable of absorving powers from metahumans.

Following the death of his creator, Amazo invaded the Watchtower. He planned to call all the Justice League members to a emergency meeting and steal all their powers, and then take over the world. He encountered some resistance, but they were no match for him. Everything was happening according to plan, until an uninvited guest had arrived. Bizarro, who heard about the attack at the Watchtower from Wonder Woman's communicator. He brought Space Cabbie along, whom he believed to be a supergenius. Amazo quickly dispatched Cabbie, confusing Bizarro even more. They fought, and during their battle Amazo absorbed Bizarro's strange intellect. After a few minutes, Amazo collapsed. All the incoherent thoughts caused his computer brain to break down.[1]




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