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The cyborg known as Amazo was created by Doctor Anthony Ivo as an experiment in power replication, well before any "Justice League" was formed.

Being housed in the Red Room, the Amazo robot lay in shambles, its synthetic skin not even applied correctly.[1]

Some time later, its creator Doctor Ivo would, himself, become an enemy of the Justice League and used his fully functioning Amazo robot to fight the heroes. Amazo had been perfected to replicate any super powers it saw, but was defeated by the Justice League.[2] Seeing this monster's power, Lex Luthor had LexCorp begin work on what he would call an Amazo Virus, a disease that would give normal humans super powers like Ivo's android.[3]

At one point, Amazo was sent to infiltrate the Justice League Watchtower while only Batman was on duty, leading to a fight between the android with the powers of the League and the hero with no powers at all. Despite the odds, Batman repelled Amazo and teleported all of his pieces around the world.[4]

When the Crime Syndicate invaded Earth and seemingly killed the Justice League, Doctor Ivo and his reassembled Amazo android joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains and wrecked havoc around the world with no heroes to stop them.[5]

In a matter of days, the Justice League defeated the Crime Syndicate and returned to power, and Amazo's whereabouts have been left a mystery ever since.

Despite this, Amazo's name remained in the news when the Amazo Virus that Lex Luthor had been working on was accidentally released on Metropolis, causing a widespread quarantine on the city. The first patient, Armen Ikarus eventually lost his mind to the virus and declared himself the new Amazo.[6]




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