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The Amazons of Elysium was an all-male race of warriors, Earth-11 and Earth 11's counterparts to the New Earth's Amazons of Themyscira.


It was said that on the world of Earth-11, the Amazons of Themyscira never hid themselves from the world, but instead shared their knowledge, influencing the course of its events. In the antiquity of the matriarchal Earth, male warriors gathered on the Elysium Island, cultivating a lifestyle far from the influence of "Woman's World".[1]

The prince of the male Amazons and their champion was Dane of Elysium, known by the world as Wonder Man. Prince Dane was expelled from the Justice League of America and banished from Woman's World when he killed Maxine Lord on national television for controlling Superwoman for her nefarious ends.[2]

In response to his banishment, Dane, fighting for the honor of the Amazons of Elysium, invaded the United States with them and battled Justice League, The Freedom Fighters and Atlantis' Army. However, Dane and the Amazons was eventually defeated by the coalition of superheroes. Aquawoman took care of putting them back on their ships and escorting them back home to Elysium Island.[2]

Powers and Abilities




Habitat: Terrestrial
Gravity: Earth gravity (0.997 32g)
Atmosphere: Amazons thrive in an oxygen/nitrogen rich atmosphere
Population: Various


Type of Government:


Cultural Traits:

Ancient greek lifestyle


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