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Quote1.png The mortal warriors of Atalanta left their rainforest home most willingly, to fight beside their sisters Amazons in this time of need. They, and your sirsters from Paradise Island. Now, at last, the breach between mortal and immortal Amazon is healed by honor. From this hour forth, there is but one Amazon family... One sisterhood... One dream. Quote2.png

The Amazons of the Amazon are a tribe that separated from the Amazons of Paradise Island in ancient times and established their new home in the Amazon Rainforest on the banks of the Amazon River, being rediscovered in the modern era by Wonder Woman.



The Amazons of Atalanta were a group of Amazons who split off Paradise Island and set up in the Amazon Rainforest.

They separated from the Amazons of Paradise Island because they disagreed with Hippolyta's way of ruling.[4] Wonder Woman first encountered them when they were under Tezcatlipoca's spell.[5]

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Amazons of Atalanta came to the aid of their sisters at the call of the goddess Kore, stepping again on Paradise Island to join forces with the Amazons of Hippolyta to fight together the armies of Ares, Hades and the Anti-Monitor, who tried to extinguish the existence of the Amazons.[6]

Although it was said by Kore that the warriors of Atalanta were mortal (in contrast to the immortal Amazons of Paradise Island),[6] they had lived since leaving their original home, including having mistaken Diana for Artemis, the first Wonder Woman, who lived 3 thousand years ago.[1][4]

Prime Earth

After leaving Themyscira to co-found the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall and leaving them too to bring Maat's message of justice and self-determination to those in need across the outside world, Atalanta arrived in Central America and started her secular battle against Tezcatlipoca's armies, and there she discovered that the concept of an Amazon was not new. The people spoke of advanced warrior women, sweeping up from the south in times of need with might and science: a third tribe of Amazons.[3]

These South American Amazons built outposts hidden from the outside world, and one of them, Esperança Perigosa (Portuguese for Dangerous Hope), a small oceanside city in Brazil, was taken over by the Dark Fates from the Dark Multiverse, who destroyed the protective barrier and exposed the outpost and its all-female inhabitants to the sudden knowledge of the world.[3]

Then Atalanta and Queen Faruka II of Bana-Mighdall sought the help of Wonder Woman, who, with her Lasso of Truth, was the only one capable of undoing the spell of untruth woven by the Dark Fates.[3]

This tribe of Amazons worship goddesses known to Themyscirans and Banas, like Athena and Neith, but they also adopted South American goddesses in their religion, such as Ka-Ata-Killa, the Inca goddess of the Moon.[3]

Yara Flor, the new Wonder Girl, although she lived in the USA since she was very young, is one of them.

Future State

The Amazons of the Amazon Rainforest have the appearance similar to that of the native peoples of the region, with the difference of being an all-female warrior tribe.[7]

The most prominent among them is the demigod Yara Flor, who inherited the title of Wonder Woman from Princess Diana of Themyscira during her absence,[8] daughter of an Amazon of Themyscira and an unnamed Brazilian river god. The warrior Potira, although part of the Amazons of Themyscira, wore a costume in the same style as the Amazons of the Amazon, which probably means that she came from this tribe.[7]

The chief god of their pantheon is Tupã, god of thunder and light,[8] and they also recognize other gods worshipped by the native tribes of Brazil like Kuat, god of the sun, and his twin brother Iae, god of the moon.[9]

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