Ambrose is a Fable - a native of a realm of fantasy known as the Homelands.

In the Homelands, Ambrose was transformed into a frog and only a kiss from a princess could restore his humanity.

When a being known as the Adversary began to conquer the Homelands, Ambrose, as well as many other Fables, conducted a mass exodus to Earth where they established an underground Fable community called Fabletown. One of the most important laws of Fabletown was that their identity was to remain a secret from those of the mundane world. Though Ambrose appeared human, he still possessed an appetite for flies - a holdover from his years spent as a frog - one that has earned him the name "Flycatcher".

The Fabletown sheriff Bigby Wolf had caught Ambrose eating flies in public on several occasions. As punishment for his actions, he sentenced him to community service as a janitor at the Woodland Building.[1] Ambrose was still compelled by his dietary habits however, and each subsequent offense added more and more time to his required hours of service.

In 2002, Bigby Wolf began investigating the alleged murder of a Fable named Rose Red. During his investigation, he recruited Flycatcher as well as Boy Blue for a special job. They were to recreate the crime scene found in Rose Red's apartment in order to determine exactly how much blood had been spilled, and whether there was enough to conclude that Rose was in fact dead. After perfectly recreating the scene, Bigby ordered him to eliminate all evidence of their actions and to clean up Rose Red's apartment as well before any "mundies" learned what had transpired.[2]


  • Immortality: As a Fable, Ambrose is effectively immortal with a lifespan going back several hundred years.
  • Therianthropy: An involuntary ability, Ambrose can shape-shift from human form into that of a frog and back again. While he can maintain his human guise for an indeterminate amount of time, high levels of stress are known to prompt a return transformation back into a frog.


  • Custodial: Flycatcher is an experienced janitor. His abilities in this arena have also been used to clean up after crime scenes.



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