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Amelinda Lopez was Touch-N-Go - she could absorb kinetic energy from others and convert it into short bursts of speed. She was a member of the Hybrid.

Amelinda Lopez was a street kid, living off robbery on the streets of Chicago. She ended up in the hospital more dead than alive after she was hit by a truck after snatching Melody Case's purse. The doctors tried what they could, but gave up. Mento sent his troops to retrieve her, and infused her with Promethium.[1]

Amelinda wasn't happy with her new self, and at first didn't intend to serve her savior. She fought off the goons and discovered her powers. Teammate Scirocco prevented her from harming Dayton, which calmed her down enough.[2]

The team was sent to capture Gar Logan. The Teen Titans and Blue Beetle tried to stop them. Nightwing and Beetle stopped her by tying her hands together.[3]

After a later confrontation on Titans Island, Raven managed to cure Dayton, and the Hybrid left with Dayton to find their place in the world.[4]

Touch-N-Go and the rest of the Hybrid later turned to fighting for Roulette in her House. They didn't survive the brutal arena.[5]


  • Power Absorption: Touch n' Go had the ability to steal kinetic energy from anyone she came into contact with. The effects were only temporary.