Ibis the Invincible was an Egyptian mage, fighting supernatural threats with his wife Taia.

Ibis began his life as Amentep, a prince of ancient Egypt who was in love with the beautiful Princess Taia of Thebes. As a young man, Amentep had been given the Ibistick, a talisman of incredible power, by the Egyptian god Thoth, who empowers the talisman. Amentep's throne was eventually usurped by a cruel magician known as the Black Pharaoh, who shot Taia with a poisoned arrow. Using his Ibis-stick, Amentep placed his beloved in suspended animation to allow her to heal. He soon cast a similar spell upon himself, hoping to be present when Taia revived.


Centuries later, the mummy of Amentep returned to life in an American museum in 1940. Now called "Ibis," Amentep set out in search of his beloved, eventually finding her at another museum. Seeking to adjust to this new world, Ibis used his vast powers to become a crimefighter, operating primarily in Fawcett City.

Ibis could do almost anything with the power of the Ibis-stick: build force-fields around cities, transport himself and others, and even make objects appear out of thin air. Without the wand however, he was powerless and this weakness was frequently exploited by his enemies.

Ibis and Taia became members of a team referred to as Shazam's Squadron of Justice. These heroes live in a parallel universe on a world called Earth-S.


  • Ibistick: All Ibis must do is tell his stick what he wishes to happen and it will magically happen.

Ibis Poster

Ibis Poster
  • Amentep is also known as Ibis, the Invincible, Prince Amentep, Prince Ibis, the Man of Miracles and the Master of White Magic.
  • Ibis was created by writer Bill Parker and artist Bob Kingett for Fawcett Publications. In 1953, National Periodical Publications settled a long-running lawsuit against Fawcett citing that the character of Captain Marvel bore too much of a resemblance to their own character, Superman. After settling the case (by agreeing to no longer publish Captain Marvel), Fawcett discontinued publication of their entire comic book line and Ibis lapsed into obscurity. In 1972, DC Comics licensed many of the Fawcett characters, including Ibis, and established that they existed on the fictional parallel world known as Earth-S. The Fawcett characters made several appearances throughout various Silver Age DC titles including, Shazam, World's Finest Comics and Justice League of America. In 1991, DC bought the Fawcett characters (including Ibis) outright.
  • This version of Ibis, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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