Ibis the Invincible was a powerful mage.


When he was just a babe he was saved from being bitten by a snake by an Ibis on the banks of the Nile. Years later as an adult and a prince of Egypt, he was granted the Ibis-Stick by the Egyptian god Thoth. With the Ibis-Stick and the beautiful Queen Taia at his side, Ibis ruled his lands with fairness and prosperity. However, Ibis grew bored of his life and had the Ibis-Stick place both Taia and himself in a death-like sleep to be awaken in more exciting times.

4,000 years later in the 1940s, the mummified body of Ibis would lay in rest within a sarcophagus encased in glass and displayed in a museum. It was placed there after being discovered during an archaeological dig lead by Billy Batson's father and grandfather. The wizard Shazam would visit his sarcophagus on regular bases, each time speaking a spell in hopes of reviving Ibis. Eventually one of the spells worked and Ibis awoke and he commanded the Ibis-Stick to restore and cloth him.

Ibis not only protected and the of tyranny, but along with other Fawcett heroes of that era were enlisted in Shazam's battle against his daughter, Blaze. Blaze had released the Seven Deadly Sins of Man. With Ibis and the others help Shazam was able to trap the Seven in ridiculous containment shells. Ibis had lost his beloved Taia and was eager to return to the sleep of death, but Shazam requested Ibis use the Ibis-Stick to place a protective barrier around . The barrier would protect the city of anything demonic entering its borders as well as slow the advancement of time.

Ibis was awakened once more by Mary Marvel who chanted a magic spell told by Shazam, in order to save the wizard from being held captive in Hell by his daughter Blaze. Ibis helped the Marvel Family and an aged Bulletman recapture the Seven Sins let loose by Blaze. Ibis would soon learn that Taia was alive and had been living as a model in the 1940s. Taia would end up placing Ibis in suspended animation once in order to reverse the aging he encountered after saving the majority of when the robotic Mr. Atom blew itself up.

His slumber didn't last long as he would attend a gathering of magical beings. He was drugged along with others and all had their magical talisman and weapons stolen from them by Tannarak and a band of magical villains. Apparently Ibis reclaims the Ibis-Stick as he and Taia aid Zatanna.



  • Ibistick: The Ibistick is a magical wand with the Ibis symbol at the top. It is capable of almost any feat when used for good purposes. It capabilities included magical fields, teleportation, conjuring objects out of thin air and performing magical spells. It would glow in presence of evil and would be ineffective against most black magic.

  • The general populace of Earth is unaware that Ibis once ruled Egypt during the 12th Dynasty.
  • Ibis the Invincible was originally created for Fawcett Publications by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck. In 1953, Fawcett suspended their comic book line following a lawsuit by National Periodical Publications. Ibis and Taia were then sold to Charlton Comics where they made irregular appearances, and later still to DC Comics. Ibis made sporadic appearances in The Power of Shazam! (Volume 1) series, and was permanently retired in order to usher in his successor, Danny Khalifa.



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