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"America's Best Comics," often shortened to simply "ABC" is a publishing imprint of WildStorm Productions, set up in 1999 by creator Alan Moore. Moore had been looking for a way to avoid the hassles of associating with mainstream comics publishing companies, and Wildstorm founder Jim Lee, still working for Image Comics at the time, suggested the idea to him. Wildstorm was eventually bought by DC Comics without Moore's knowledge, creating controversy as Moore had previously sworn to never work for DC again.


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Wildstorm Imprint
Although at one point it may have been an independent publisher, this company is or was owned by WildStorm Productions, and used as a Wildstorm Imprint. As Wildstorm is currently an imprint of DC Comics, the continuity of this imprint or publisher falls in with DC Continuity; although it's separate from the mainstream DC Universe. This template will categorize articles that include it into the Wildstorm Imprints category.