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Quote1.png I don't care how tough you think you are. If you're working with Lord Havok--we're taking you down! Quote2.png
American Crusader src

The American Crusader is a "patriotic power-soldier" and the brave leader of the Retaliators.

With the powerful Wundajin defeated by an unknown visitor, the Crusader believed these strangers to be in league with Lord Havok and commanded his team to engage them.

Once informed of the situation, the Retaliators went behind Havok who defeated the Future Family and was hatching the Genesis Egg to unleash it's power. Witnessing the treat, the power-soldier commanded his team to protect the city from the incoming danger.[2] As the Dark Monitor launched a full-on assault against Earth 8, American Crusader defended the city and battled his own counterpart from Earth 7, killed and reanimated by The Gentry. He then rallied the collective heroes of the Multiverse against the cosmic invaders in the final battle, playing a crucial role in saving the entire Multiverse.[3]

A few years later, Lord Havok resurfaced with the newly created Extremists. His schemes led to a nuclear war that ravaged the planet, and the Retaliators attempted to get revenge. American Crusader, Red Dragon and Wundajin all attacked Havok at once. However, Havok proved to be too powerful for all three of them combined and after killing the others, he snapped American Crusader's neck and took his shield and Wundajin's axe as trophies.[4]


  • Crusader's Shield