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The American Supremacist Party is loose-knit organization that patterns themselves after the World War II era Nazi Party, founded as a splinter group of the American Nazi Party by Kevin Maxwell.


Maxwell and A.S.P. attempted to secede from the United States to create the "Union of White States", but his plans were stopped by Checkmate.

Years later, upon learning that one of their heroes, Captain Nazi, had been apprehended by the Justice Society of America, the A.S.P. raided a cultures class at New York University and took hostages. They demanded that Captain Nazi should be let free or else they would begin killing hostages. Power Girl learned of the crisis and informed the rest of the JSA. The team, along with the newly-costumed Citizen Steel, engaged the A.S.P. and fought them on the University's campus. Citizen Steel, having lost several family members to like-minded adversaries, took particular interest in stopping the A.S.P. and single-handedly incapacitated five of their members.[1]

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