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The Americans were a villain team hired to kidnap Century Baby Jenny Quantum.


Their first public mission was when they were sent to Singapore to kidnap the just-born Jenny Quantum, on New Year's Day, 2000. They butchered most of the people in the hospital, which drew the attention of the Authority. In their first attack, Titan was incapacitated by Jenny Quantum's superhuman powers, and the Authority appeared. In the fight, the Americans successfully captured Jenny Quantum. And in their next attack, the Authority faced them again, but the team was decimated. Tank Man, the only remaining unharmed member, was set to kill the Midnghter, when the other hero began a psychological attack, pointing out the loneliness that supersoldiers must face. At this, Tank Man had a minor nervous breakdown and fled.

Most of the team is dead or injured, but Tank Man was revealed to be alive, and held a senior position in the Anthem organization.


This team is an obvious reference to Marvel Comics' The Avengers. The characters are evil stand-ins for:

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