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Quote1.png I told you not to call me that. It's Jim. Even James will do. Jimmy is the name of a some schlep who drives you to the airport. Or the guy you call when your toilet backs up. Jimmy's not the most decorated soldier in history. Jimmy's not the leader of the most powerful country on the planet! And he's not Americommando. Quote2.png
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Americommando is a member of the Meta Militia.

After gaining his powers through some unknown means, Americommando worked for the American government on several covert missions in the wake of the Second Gulf War. On one such mission in South America, he met Tracer, and was forced to knock him out when Tracer went berserk and killed his teammate Eagle.[1]

Years later, when Tin Man led Angor's heroes to form the Meta Militia, Americommando served as his deputy. After Tin Man was killed by Lord Havok, Americommando became US President. However, he abused his powers and alienated several powerful metahumans, who formed the Extremists. In truth, during a recording of his presidential speech, Americommando learns directly from his "superiors" that his succession to presidency was setup by his government and that he has always been manipulated since his "ascension".

When Monarch came to Earth-8 to recruit the Extremists, they refused him. As part of Monarch's revenge against them, he allied with Americommando and the Meta Militia for a final strike.[2] However, Blue Jay, Americommando's deputy, did not approve of Americommando's actions, and after the Meta Militia was defeated, Blue Jay incapacitated him and took his job. No-one attempted to stop him, and Americommando is presumably still imprisoned.[3]


  • Americommando is more loosely based on the Ultimate Marvel version of Captain America, such as his sexual affair with Blue Jay's wife is synonymous to Ultimate Captain America's affair with Hank Pym's wife, the Wasp.


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