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Quote1.png The Book focuses on Amity Arkham, a woman of many gifts. Gifts and practices not appreciated by the people of the settlement, the future citizens of Gotham City. Despite the fact that her brother, Ezekiel Arkham, was one of the founding fathers, she was punished for not conforming, for attempting to corrupt the growth of Gotham. And, oh my, the list of names responsible for her death is long. Some family names so familiar that even you children might recognize them. Amity cursed them all for what they did to her. Cursed them and their children. And their children's children... Quote2.png
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Amity Arkham was a witch who was burned to death for her practice of magic in Colonial New Jersey

Amity was persecuted by other colonials including Edmunde Cobblepot, and Rowland, Winnifride, Elizabeth, Robert, Henrie and Isabell Dent.[1] As she died she cast a curse which enabled her to possess her descendants and kill the descendants of those responsible for her death and any who opposed her or otherwise drew her ire. The families she targeted included the Cobblepots, Hills, Dents, Beaumonts, Kanes, Lestranges, Kyles, Grissoms, and Waynes. Her only child, an infant daughter named Beatrix, was taken to be raised in safety far from her mother's killers by Amity's closest friend Alienor Frych. After safely delivering Beatrix to her foster family Frych wrote the Book of Old Gotham which primarily detailed Amity's life and murder while describing colonial Gotham. Amity's remains were moved long after her death by Absolon Lydecker into Millie Jane Cobblepot's false grave on what would later become the grounds of the Gotham Academy after Millie faked her own suicide to escape from her family.[2]

She eventually possessed her descendant Gotham Academy student Olive Silverlock with the assistance of Amanda Lydecker, Wendy Lawford and Reiner Hardwick who used a ritual to help bind her to Olive. Olive was able to get free of the possession through her own horror at Amity's actions and with the aid of her friends Pomeline Fritch, Colton Rivera, Kyle Mizoguchi and Maps Mizoguchi though she did fall under Amity's sway for a time.



Can be summoned and partially controlled by the use of an incantation written in the Book of Old Gotham.



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