Amon Sur is the son of Abin Sur.

Amon attended his father's funeral on Oa and expressed his gratitude towards Hal Jordan that his father met his successor. Unbeknownst to the Green Lantern Corps, Amon had sold out the Corps to their predecessors the Manhunters who attacked Oa to claim the Yellow Central Power Battery hidden in the forbidden chamber on Oa. After the Manhunters stole the Yellow power, they created a Yellow Power Staff for Amon to kill Hal Jordan and claim his father's ring. When Hal Jordan rescued his comrade Kilowog from the Manhunters base on Biot and discovered Amon's treachery, Jordan returned to Oa and confronted Amon which resulted in a lengthy battle in which Jordan ultimately triumphed with Amon being sent to the Sciencells before trial.




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