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Amon Sur was the leader of the Black Circle crime syndicate and a frequent opponent of the Green Lantern Corps.

Amon was the son of the late Green Lantern Corps member Abin Sur, who died in the line of duty. Angry that his father abandoned him for the Corps, he decided to take his anger out on all Green Lanterns. Amon was eventually defeated by Kyle Rayner and Lianna, a Guardian of the Universe. Amon eventually had a confrontation with Hal Jordan, his father's successor, who had recently returned to the Corps after a long absence. Though Hal defeated him for the time being, Amon managed to escape after receiving a duplicate of Sinestro's ring from the Qwardians. He later re-appeared to visit Abin's grave after Hal had finally given him a proper burial.

Amon Sur was later recruited by the Sinestro Corps representative of Sector 2814. During the Sinestro Corps War, the Book of Oa was rewritten, enabling Green Lantern Corps officers to use lethal force against their opponents. Fearing for his life, Amon Sur fled.[1] After the war concluded, a group of the "Lost Lanterns" traveled to the planet Varva, where they found that Amon Sur had only recently slaughtered the civilian populace. Flying into a rage, Green Lantern Laira slew Amon Sur with her power ring.[2]

During Blackest Night, Amon Sur was resurrected as a member of the Black Lantern Corps with a new power ring. He lead many of his fallen Corpsmen against Sinestro and the rest of the Sinestro Corps.[3] His body was completely disintegrated by Indigo and Munk of the Indigo Tribe, and he was finally laid to rest.[4]


  • Regeneration: Amon was able to regenerate lost limbs, including his head.


  • Intimidation: By massacring the members of the Black Circle, Amon Sur developed the ability to "instill great fear" in others, leading to his recruitment into the Sinestro Corps.

Other Characteristics

  • Cowardice: He is terrified of the Green Lanterns, particularly Hal Jordan, once fleeing from the Corps in terror.




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