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Amos Monroe, alias Crackpot is a telepath and a member of the Blasters.

He gained his powers during the events of Invasion! when he was abducted by the Dominator super-scientists for experimentation. Along with many other humans, he was subjected to a trial by fire to see if any metahuman abilities would manifest under duress. He was one of only six survivors of the event, along with Snapper Carr, Carlotta Rivera, Dexter Fairfax, Fritz Klein and Moshe Levy.[1] After they escaped their imprisonment in the Starlag, they joined the rest of Earth's superheroes against the Alien Alliance. They would eventually venture off to become their own team.[2]


  • Telepathy: Amos is a gifted telepath, and when he is calm, he can cause people to believe nearly anything. This reflects his past life as a con artist even before he discovered his powers.


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