Ampa Nnn is a vicious member of the Sinestro Corps.

He hails from Space Sector 3517, the planet Lythyl is brutal in both its environment and what passes for its civilization. The volcanic activity and sun scorched surface forces most life underground, though some choose to live above ground despite the hardships. Below, the strong rule the weak within a population of masters and slaves. Amid the almost constant fights for life, many individuals band together for strength in numbers. On Lythyl, even the serial killers group together.

The serial killer Ampa Nnn was known for removing and cleaning the internal organs of his victims. It should come as no surprise that Ampa Nnn would be chosen to join the Sinestro Corps.

Ampa Nnn was present on Qward when Kyle Rayner was abducted and stripped of the Ion entity. He was part of the Sinestro Corps strike force led by Arkillo against Mogo, before both green and yellow ring wielders had their final battle on Earth. Though the Sinestro Corps was defeated, Ampa Nnn remains at large. It is believed he has returned to Lythyl to continue his killings.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: is an able-bodied combatant, though he rarely resorts to physical attacks, preferring instead to use his power ring for offensive maneuvers.


Qwardian Power Ring



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