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Quote1.png But the Queen of all Beings and Things transcended ridiculous human emotions-- a hundred thousand years ago. Quote2.png
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The enigmatic woman known to the world as Amparo Cardenas in reality is or claims to be an entity older than time itself. She has gone by many pseudonyms and epithets such like "The Dame", "Lady Styx" and "the Lord/Queen of All Beings and Things". She's an enemy of Blue Beetle and the Justice League.

In the 21st century, she took up residence in El Paso, establishing herself as a mob boss and quickly becoming Blue Beetle's enemy. She engineered the death of Brenda Del Vecchio's father to take her under her wing while trying to manipulate Jaime Reyes into becoming her ally.[1]

In the 30th century she resurfaced as a galactic conqueror and tyrant. Her army of Scullions killed half of the Justice League[2], forcing the survivors to run away while she easily took over the world, spread her rule across the galaxy[3] and brainwashed a group of teenagers who in another reality would have become the Legion of Super-Heroes into being her slaves.[4] As Supergirl and her team discovered, she isn't interested in ruling anything: she conquers a world and plays the benevolent despot until she gets bored -usually, quickly and easily- and then she burns it to ashes. One of her minions claimed she could annihilate the League at any time or have prevented their existence, but they amuse her.

During a climatic battle between the Justice League and her Legion of Death, Styx sent her daughter Teri and Tina Sung back to the past.[5] Teri managed to travel back to the future with Blue Bettle's help, and confronted Styx. Styx revealed her Amparo Cardenas/La Dama identity and claimed Jaime would become her ally before sending them back to the 20th century.[6]



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