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Amy Allen is Bombshell, a Teen Titan with powers similar to Captain Atom.

Amy's body was coated with the same Dilustel alloy that coats the bodies of Captain Atom and his nemesis Major Force. This "quantum metal" grants Amy near invulnerability, enhanced strength, and the ability to fly and project bursts of concussive atomic energy.

Shortly after the events of "Infinite Crisis", Amy was one of many heroes who turned out for a Teen Titans recruitment drive in San Francisco, California. Calling herself Bombshell, her tenure with the Titans was extremely brief and in less than a year, she left the team to pursue her own agenda.

In the following year, the Teen Titans embarked on a search for one of their missing members – Raven. They tracked Amy to the South China Sea where they found her engaged in battle with the Red Panzer. After assisting her in defeating the Panzer, they pressed her for information concerning Raven. Bombshell told them that Raven and she investigated rumors of a traitor within the ranks of the Titans at which point she openly accused Ravager of plotting to betray the team. This caused tension within the ranks and several Titans, particularly Kid Devil, argued in Rose's defense. Tempers quickly waned and Bombshell agreed to help them in their search for Raven. During their flight back to the United States, another new Teen Titan, Miss Martian intercepted Bombshell's Quantum Jet. As she phased inside, Bombshell ignited several incendiary devices, forcing Miss Martian to revert into her true White Martian form. It appeared obvious to everyone present, that Miss Martian was a traitor and another fight ensued.[1]

It soon became apparent however that like Ravager, Miss Martian was innocent and that it was Amy herself who was the traitor in the Titans' midst. She turned against the Titans when they finally located Raven at the Church of Blood in Phoenix, Arizona. Bombshell sought to prevent Raven from using a computer disk containing the life essence of the late Titan Jericho in an occult ritual designed to bring him back to life. Bombshell attempted to take Raven down, but Ravager arrived, and succeeded in spoiling her shot, thus proving her commitment to the Titans. Raven completed the ritual and Jericho's body was reconstituted as it rose from the Pool of Blood. Bombshell unleashed a burst of quantum energy at him and Jericho attempted to use his powers to possess her. Fortunately for Bombshell, her Dilustel body armor was proof against Jericho's psionic abilities. Instead, Joey took control of Wonder Girl and punched Bombshell through a cement wall. Kid Devil used his powers to super-heat Bombshell's metal skin, after which, Raven used the power of her soul-self to instantly cool her down, causing her shell to blister and crack. Bombshell backpedaled in pain, enabling Ravager the chance to knock her out. The Titans handed Bombshell over to Diana Prince and Sarge Steel of the Department of Metahuman Affairs and she was subsequently incarcerated at Belle Reve prison in Louisiana.[2]

A short time later, Cyborg and Miss Martian visited Belle Reve to interrogate Bombshell. Miss Martian was reluctant to use her abilities for such an invasive process, but agreed nonetheless. As Miss Martian and Bombshell exchanged quips, a new and more sinister group of Titans burst through the wall and began attacking. This group, headed by Deathstroke the Terminator referred to themselves as Titans East. One of their members, Batgirl, attacked the other Titans present in the cell block including Bombshell. She sliced Bombshell's throat open with a razor-sharp batarang.[3]

Allen survived the attempt on her life, however, and was later given her powers back so that she could be drafted under Article X.[4]

Having regained her powers, Amy sought out her parents in the hopes of learning more about the reasons why she was created. The administrators of the Quantum Project sent a squad of Quantum soldiers to liquidate her, not realizing that she was once again empowered. Bombshell fought against them and soon found herself engaged in combat against her old foes the Teen Titans. She joined the Teen Titans because in her words she had nothing better to do.[5]


  • Dilustel Armor: As for Captain Atom and Major Force. Bombshell too was exposed to the alien metal Dilustel which bestowed upon her tremendous power and the link to the Quantum Energy Field but unlike the former or latter, Amy had simply been bonded to the metal and had not been at ground zero for a nuclear blast to tie her directly to the field. Nevertheless, her connection to said field is still present bestowing her numerous abilities such as either partially or fully coating herself in her Dilustel skin, it is yet to be seen if she still retains her link to the field even while partially covered.
    • Quantum Field Manipulation: Bombshell can control and project limited varieties of energy from the Q Field including harnessing it for use of her other powers as well. Although Either due to lack of experience or the process by which she was granted her powers of Superhuman Strength and Invulnerability, Amy lacks the fine tuned abilities that both of her hallmarks have come to possess over the years. So far she has shown a number of feats Utilized By Captain Atom such as basic quantum blasts and energy absorption coupled to a few abilities unique to herself such as technopathy and neural disrupting energy pulses.
    • Energy Enhanced Punches: In a way similar to Captain atom, Amy Allen can empower her physical attacks with quantum energy magnifying the strength of her blows twice over.
    • Flight: able to fly at speeds reaching up to Mach 3.
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Strength: Able to lift hundred ton masses with utmost ease, even staggering the likes of Miss Martian and Wonder Girl in hand to hand combat and lifting the Quantum jet above her head with little effort at all.
    • Technopathy: She's shown the ability to channel her quantum powers to manipulate technological devices with nothing but her mind and electromagnetic interaction, she proved she could control the technological components of Cyborgs mechanical physiology.




  • A woman who bears a strong likeness to Bombshell attended the funeral services of J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter. It is unclear whether this was Amy Allen.[6]



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