Amy Smootster was a 15 year old girl in high school with strange abilities that she couldn't yet understand.

She was bullied frequently by a trio of girls led by Michelle. They bullied her for her strange behaviour, which included dressing differently, talking to a bug called "Uncle Carl" that she believed was the reincarnation of Carl Jung, and excreting a bizarre fluid from her feet whenever she experienced shame. In addition to the excretions, Amy's life was coloured by a strange relationship with shapes: circular objects are helpful and friendly to her, while squares are dangerous.

While trying to pursue a relationship with her high school guidance counsellor, Tim Foster, the intensity with which she was bullied increased. Eventually she discovered that she could control circular objects by drawing on past and future moments of shame.

When Michelle realized the secret of Amy's foot-fluid, she started abusing it like a drug, and became affiliated with squares. Her head became a large square shape, and she became obsessed with killing Amy and turning her head into a huge cube. Amy, meanwhile, attempted to convince Mr. Foster that it would be okay to have a relationship with her, even if she was a minor, all while dodging Michelle's attempts to hurt her. Eventually, Michelle and Amy had a confrontation, which resulted in Amy discovering a greater extent of her abilities, and defeating her enemy. Unfortunately, her relationship with Mr. Foster was not to be.

Zero Girl: Full Circle

Fifteen years later, Amy became a music reviewer for a local newspaper. One day, she received a letter from Tim Foster asking for help dealing with his daughter Nikki, who had developed similar powers to Amy's own. Amy agreed, though her motivation was primarily to reconnect with Tim.

Nikki and Amy met, and Nikki was immediately drawn to her, to the extent that she developed a powerful crush on Amy. Later, Amy made a surprise visit to Nikki's house, hoping to find Tim there, but the girl manipulated her into spending time together, and eventually tried to kiss her. Along with her physical reaction to squares, Nikki's sexual orientation is clearly an issue.

The return of Nikki's mother to the picture led Amy to return and help Nikki escape. She took Nikki to her home, and showed her how to use some of her powers. Unfortunately, they were attacked by a bunch of microwaves sent by Nikki's mother, and somehow, Nikki caused Amy's house to explode.

Later, Nikki used her powers to make people do what she wants, and makes Amy behave as though she loves her. The ploy didn't fool Tim, but regardless, she and Amy ended up living together in her family's cabin. Amy's blunt chastisement for trying to control her emotions brought a rift between them, and overnight, Amy was kidnapped by microwaves while Nikki sulked in her room.

Amy and Tim wound up trapped in a mine-shaft, giving them an opportunity to talk out their relationship. However, their discussion was cut short when they discovered that the tunnel was full of microwaves. Hoping it would help them escape, Amy flooded the tunnel with her foot-fluids, but there wasn't enough of it to get to the surface. Eventually, Nikki returned to help them, but a revelation about her mother left Amy and Tim to fend for themselves again.

Nikki's mother revealed that in order to survive, they would have to surrender to the squares. Amy let herself sink to the bottom, and realizing that squares don't have any inherent morality, her circles commingled with the squares, and the reaction propelled both her and Tim out of the tunnel with significant force. They landed in a tree that gave them a view of Nikki, who attempted suicide by leaping off a cliff. Fortunately, Nikki was saved by her mother, and Amy and Tim were able to recover her.

Later, Amy and Tim reaffirmed their relationship, finally having sex, and deciding that they could still have a mature relationship that wasn't based on an infatuation - even if it was 15 years later than they'd planned.


  • Teleportation: When particularly large amounts of foot-fluid are excreted, Amy can teleport herself and others.


  • Squares and angular objects.

  • In the first issue, Amy's eyes appear brown, though the cover art still shows them as blue. Following issues show her eyes as blue.



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