Quote1 We will grow, reclaiming more of our land, rebuilding this forgotten city, establishing our own state-- the state of Anarky! Quote2
-- Anarky src

During the time when the criminal known as the Riddler had cut off all power in Gotham City, the concrete jungle was plunged into chaos. Eager to rescue whatever citizens they could from the approaching superstorm that threatened to overtake the city, a group of Marines were sent in as part of the relief effort; among them John Stewart. Things grew more complicated though once the squad discovered that the number of refugees was much larger than their intel suggested. Upon entering the football stadium where they were taking shelter, Stewart encountered a man named Anarky; who had the suffering refugees at his beck and call, as well as a distrust of authority figures. Captured and imprisoned within the stadium, Stewart and a number of the other marines managed to escape Anarky's custody and attempted to apprehend him. But upon attempting to unmask him, Anarky's mask was rigged to explode, and he managed to escape within the crowd of people. He could have been anyone.