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Quote1 He's a professional killer. Unlike any other. Perhaps the best. Bred, trained to murder, then disappear. He'll have thought of everything, covered everything. Quote2
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KGBeast is a Soviet agent trained by The Hammer; a cell of the KGB, and has mastered several forms of martial arts. In addition he gained cybernetic abilities which increased his strength. He is currently a member of Suicide Squad.

Target: Nightwing

The Contract

KGBeast was hired by the super-villain Bane to kill Nightwing, the original Robin and one of Batman's closest allies. Bane wanted to break Batman mentally and physically in every possible way, and Nightwing's death was part of his master plan. He travelled to Gotham City under the false name Mr. Zimmerman and was allowed through the airport after he presented a false passport. He then proceeded to go to a hotel in the city where he checked in for three nights. After spending some time in the hotel he headed to a gun store, where he bought a sniper rifle, bribing the store owner so background checks wouldn't be needed. After buying the gun he headed to a diner and wrote a message on a napkin, the message said "Who's afraid of the Joker?" with an oversized question mark. Beast knew this would grab the attention of the G.C.P.D. as that day was the anniversary of a war waged between the Joker and the Riddler, and any message like this would be taken as a possible message from the Joker and/or Riddler.[1]

KGBeast then headed to a block of apartments overlooking the GCPD Headquarters, and headed to on of the top rooms. He entered the room and executed the tenant, setting up a sniping position overlooking the building. Eventually Commissioner Gordon lit the Bat-Signal so he could tell Batman about the message on the napkin. Batman soon arrived with Nightwing, who was then shot in the head by KGBeast. Believing his contract was fulfilled, KGBeast left the scene, leaving Gotham City behind him.[1]

Hunted by the Bat

Knowing Batman would soon be on his trail, Beast erased all traces of his job. He then went to his father's home in Russia, knowing he had to clear all lose ends to his past life.

After trekking through the snow he eventually got to his father's cabin. He blasted the door down and greeted the abusive alcoholic. His father poured the pair of them drinks and they began having a conversation about Anatoli's life. Beast's father asked him why Anatoli had nether kill him, seeing as he had killed his mother and siblings. KGBeast responded by saying that the reason he had nether killed his father was because he was strong, and that made Beast love him. Beast told his father that he loved him, and then shot him in the head, ending all ties to his past life. At that moment he noticed someone coming up the pathway to the cabin, it was Batman.[2]

Knowing he had to end the fight quickly, Beast shot through the door of the house in an attempt to kill the Bat. Believing his work to be done, Beast began packing his items to leave Russia. However Batman came round for another assault and forced outside of the cabin. The two expert fighters began brawling in the snow, both holding nothing back in their quest for vengeance. Eventually Beast was able to get the upper hand on Batman, however the Bat fired his grappling gun point blank at KGBeast's head. The force of the grappling line hitting his head broke Anatoli's neck. Out of desperation, Beast told Batman if he helped him get medical attention he would tell the Dark Knight who had hired him to kill Nightwing. However Batman simply told Beast he would figure it out on his own, and left Anatoli paralyzed in the snow to die. Nightwing survived the gun shot to the head, however he suffered from brain damage and couldn't remember who he was.[2] He was later rescued by the Russian government who was monitoring him but was left in critical condition.



  • Marksmanship: The KGBeast has shown himself to be extremely skilled with firearms, this includes in close range or long distance with a sniper rifle.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Peak Human Condition
  • Martial Arts: KGBeast was trained in martial arts by a group of expert Russian fighters known as the Hammer. Anatoli is one of the greatest fighters in the world, feared as one of the world's greatest assassins. He has fought toe-to-toe with Batman before, even when he is missing a prosthetic limb.[2]
  • Tracking[3]

Other Characteristics

  • Missing Arm: KGBeast lost his left arm in a battle with Batman. Although he usually has a cybernetic arm, he sometimes has a far less effective wooden arm. [4]



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