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Anaya is the daughter of the leader of the Perdi, one of two warring groups in South Freeland.

The Sange

Living isolated in the forests of South Freeland with the Perdi, Anaya is the daughter to its leader Thierry and his wife Batina. She fell in love with and secretly had a relationship with Deacon, a member of the Sange. The two visited a clinic in Freeland, meeting physician Anissa Pierce who assessed her.[1]

After the death of Deacon, Anaya was visited at her home by Anissa to check on her well-being, giving birth to fraternal twin daughters during the visit. With the looming threat of Looker and her minions kidnapping her newborns, she escaped deep into the woods, carrying one of the twins. She comes to the side of Thierry, learning of her mother's passing.[2][3]


Anaya and Thierry establish an oral agreement with Blackbird to aid in the transportation of metahumans out of Freeland into South Freeland, providing some of their resources to their care to avoid A.S.A. occupation. As the situation continued to worsen and South Freeland became overcrowded with metahumans, she and her fahter voiced their issues and concerns with the enormous population affecting the Perdi's own well-being and supplies; Anaya furthers her distrust of Blackbird after the attack on her people, including Thierry, but reluctantly continues to house and transport metahumans as they enter their perimeter.[4]



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