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Anaya is an Amazon of Bana-Mighdall and lover to Iphthime, an Amazon of Themyscira.

With Falizia and Bitari, Anaya came to protest the outsider Donna Troy being coronated when the Banas are still being snubbed in all ways, though Anaya's protests were not strong. She was more interested in learning photography from Donna, and Donna obliged.

Anaya was injured in a bomb blast by Aella's hardliners. In the hospital, Anaya's girlfriend Iphthime confessed that she had something to do with it, but that she did not realize it would go so far.[1] After the Civil War, Iphthime hoped to rekindle her relationship with the still recovering Anaya, but she denied her.[2]

Anaya helped in the defense of Earth during Our Worlds at War. She released all prisoners from the Civil War, including Iphthime, so they could participate in the battle.[3]





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