Anaya is an Amazon of Bana-Mighdall and lover to Iphthime, an Amazon of Themyscira.[1]

With Falizia and Bitari, Anaya comes to protest the outsider Donna Troy being coronated when the Banas are still being snubbed in all ways by the Themies, though Anaya's protests are not strong. She is more interested in learning photography from Donna, and is encouraged by Iphthime to ask. Donna says she'll help her set up a darkroom.

Anaya stands hand-in-hand with Iphthime to greet Wonder Woman and Donna Troy at the memorial at Doom's Doorway. Donna talks with her about setting up a show in New York for her photographs. She spots a Bana flower offering and picks it up, only to be caught as the vase explodes. Later, we see her in hospital, a bandage running from her shoulder beneath her sheets, and the right side of her face and right eye bandaged, as Iphthime confesses that she had something to do with it, but that she did not realize it would go so far.[1]

After the Civil War on her way to barracks Iphthime stops by to apologize again to the healing Anaya and to reiterate that she loves her. Anaya does not respond.[2] Anaya releases Iphthime from arrest so all Amazons may attack the aliens of Our Worlds at War who threaten Earth.[3]





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