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The Ancestors are the spirits of all the former Totems of Zambesi bearers who, in death, came to reside into the Ancestral Plane.


The Ancestors were born in ancient times when the Gods gifted six mystical totems to the Tribes of Zambesi in order to help them survive against enemy threats: after their death, the Totem bearers' souls were sent to the Ancestral Plane, which was an extradimensional plane that also worked as the Totems' power source, which became their resting place.

On March 2018, Amaya Jiwe traveled to the Ancestral Plane and met one of her ancestors that warned her about the corruption of the Ancestral Plane, due to herself losing the Tantu Totem, and the threat of Mallus.[1]

Years later, in the aftermath of the battle of Heyworld, the original timeline of Zari Tomaz was erased from existence and replaced by another timeline where it existed another version of herself, Zari Tarazi. The Ancestors' power preserved the existence of the original Zari (allowing her to survive the destruction of her future) by making her join them in the Ancestral Plane.[2]

Some time later, on the behalf of the Ancestors, Zari Tomaz allowed both her counterpart and the new version of her brother, Behrad, to wield the Air Totem by splitting it in two different bracelets that could both harness the power of the Totem.[3]

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