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Quote1.png He filled this place with evil, unrepentant evil. These freaks. And the good doctor no longer had time for me. All I had was memory and time. Quote2.png
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Anchoress is the oldest living inmate of Arkham Asylum.

The unnamed woman who would become the Anchoress was born in Gotham City around the year 1898.

As a young woman she was intrigued by experimental physics in relation to the human body and studied quantum mechanics against her parents' wishes, who wished for her to go through with an arranged marriage. One night, an argument between the woman and her parents resulted in a lab accident which caused both her parents to die and for the woman herself to have her physiology altered on a quantum level.

Full of guilt over the incident, the woman had herself committed to Arkham Asylum where she remained for multiple decades. She was treated by four generations of doctors before the appearance of Batman and the rise of dangerous super-criminals, who began to gain more of the doctors' attentions than her, leaving her nearly forgotten. She called herself the Anchoress as a reference to the Anchorite people who were as largely penitent as she was.

The Anchoress blamed Batman for her neglect as she held him responsible for many of the insane super-criminals of Gotham City. One night, the Anchoress used her powers to unleash the inmates of the Asylum in order to lure the Batman there, where she used her powers to capture and torture the vigilante, making him experience his most painful memories and nightmares. However, Batman ultimately broke free and defeated her.

The Anchoress was moved to a higher security cell capable of holding her and, now that she was a super-criminal, finally regained the doctors' attentions.





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