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Quote1.png Confidence in every level of authority is at an all-time low. Every government, and, by extension, every law enforcement agency and security force, is woefully underfunded and lacking resources. We believe it's time for the United Nations to assemble its own team, representing select nations, uniquely equipped to overcome those issues. Quote2.png
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Andre Briggs worked as head of intelligence at the United Nations.

He was responsible for forming the Justice League International with his assistant Emerson Esposito.

The Signal Masters

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Briggs proposes a Justice League International to the United Nations as their own superhuman peace-keeping force. It's a response to their publicity crisis following the emergence of groups like the Justice League.

Briggs' proposal

The team includes Booster Gold as leader with members August General in Iron, Fire, Godiva, Guy Gardner, Ice, Rocket Red and Vixen. Their first mission is against a race of giant robots called the Signal Men wreaking havoc.[1] They are unable to deal with the threat, and protesters try to bomb the Hall of Justice.[2] Briggs begins to worry that this massive failure will end his career. They learn the real threat is an alien invader named Peraxxus.[3] The League is captured and threatened with a nuclear strike unless they can destroy his spacecraft. Andre is blamed by his superiors for putting together an inadequate team. Peraxxus activates the Signal Men to begin destroying the Earth.[4] Andre tells the League they are Earth's last hope, and they defeat Peraxxus by finally learning to work as a team. Peraxxus flees and they crash his ship into Earth, ending the massive disaster that Booster still considers a success.[5] Having saved the world, they finally receive public support and gain full U.N. approval. Briggs is proud to officially announce his team to the world.[6]

Booster Gold finds Briggs and Esposito dead.


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During the League's public debut, there is another terrorist attack on the Hall of Justice. There is a bomb planted underneath their podium by the Burners, a super-villain team led by Breakdown. It explodes and kills a large number of innocents, including Briggs and Esposito. Rocket Red also dies in the explosion.[7]




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