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Andre Cipriani was a member of We Are Robin under the name Dre-B-Robbin.

A student at Middletown South, Andre "Dre" Cipriani is an average student with a tendancy for disobedience. A rebel against any authority, Dre enjoys boxing, fighting and criminal science. He was once a prodigy with the piano but gave up the music after his family, Gianfranco, was murdered by the Falcones. Now the seventeen year old is teamed with his friends and classmates as they take to the streets as Robins.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): A fan of MMA and boxing, Dre has trained himself to fight for many years. Suspended from school for fighting, Dre took his talents to the streets to defend innocents from crime.
  • Music: A child prodigy with the piano, Dre once studied music at a young age. He gave up this ability at the age of eight when his father died.

Other Characteristics

  • Dre favors using a billy club when he fights.
  • Dre is of Italian decent and his father was a member of the Maroni Crime Family.