Andre Twist was Firebrand, a member of the Freedom Fighters when they reformed after the Infinite Crisis.


A longtime left-leaning activist, Andre Twist was living in Blüdhaven when the living chemical weapon Chemo was dropped on the city. Twist survived, and gained pyrokinetic abilities. He also began to hear a voice in his head.

Incensed when S.H.A.D.E. moved into Blüdhaven and pushed all the survivors out, Twist, now calling himself Firebrand, threatened to start a riot, which brought him to the attention of the Teen Titans. He managed to convince them that something was wrong, and they began to investigate. Shortly after, however, the voice in his head called him away to the Mississippi River, where he discovered the voice belonged to a resurrected Uncle Sam.

Freedom Fighters

Firebrand tried to prepare people for Uncle Sam's return, disrupting a rally for then-Presidential candidate Henry Knight. He was captured and subjected to torture by Father Time, until finally being liberated by Uncle Sam and the newest iteration of the Freedom Fighters. Firebrand served with the Freedom Fighters for some months but was eventually crippled in a battle with King Bullet's forces and soon after that, murdered by The Jester.





  • Andre was nicknamed Hot Boy by his teammates and friends.



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