The daughter of Matt and Claire Allen, Andrea's life was thrown into turmoil when her father discovered the H-Dial. Unable to control himself, Matt became addicted to its power, becoming a superhero in order to escape from the stress of his life as a fast-rising executive and family man. Things quickly spiraled out of control for him, costing him his job, and Claire divorced him, moving back to her native Chicago and taking Andrea with her.

As luck would have it, Andrea took the H-Dial with her on the way out, mistaking it for an electronic device. Upon discovering that it could grant her superpowers, she began using it to alleviate her unhappiness at having to adjust to a new school. Unfortunately for her, Julie and Denise found out about the H-Dial and, pretending to be her friend, goaded her into letting them borrow it, at which point they abused it and drew the attention of the school principal, Lana Burke. In order to bail Julie and Denise out of trouble, Andrea used the device to become Illusia, with the power to project illusions, which she used to convince Principal Burke that the sudden rash of superhuman sightings had been caused by an extra-dimensional jailbreak, and that Julie and Denise had been helping her round up escapees. Alas, though she saved them from trouble, Julie and Denise still tried to take the H-Dial from Andrea, and in the ensuing struggle, the device went flying, ending up in the hands of a local adrenaline junkie named Mark, who would become one of the co-founders of Captain Chaos. By that point, Andrea had realized that she wasn't meant to wield that kind of power, and was glad to see it gone.

A year later, as Andrea was still putting her short-lived superhero career behind her, she was kidnapped by Super Hero, a serial killer who'd been granted a host of superpowers from the dial, and who had discovered that the dial's previous owners all retained some powers of their own after losing the dial, and was hunting them down, aided by criminal Tony Finch. Robby Reed, one of the previous users, came to her rescue, aided by her father, who had gained speed and fire powers, and together, they struggled to keep Super Hero under control. In the ensuing fight, Andrea managed to escape her bonds and fought Finch for the H-Dial. Though Finch prevailed, the sight of all the carnage that Super Hero was inflicting caused him to think twice about using it again, and he passed it to Andrea.

Andrea used the device, and gained telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Super Hero forced her father to try and take the dial from her, but she easily shrugged off his attacks and attacked Super Hero directly. Though she failed to kill him, she weakened him enough for Finch, who had gained the power to make himself explode, to finish Super Hero off. After the fight, Andrea used the dial to turn herself back, then handed it over to Robby Reed, who used up the last of his residual powers to send the dial back in time.

Thereafter, Andrea reconciled with her father.


With the use of the H-Dial, Andrea was able to access multiple superhuman abilities, the most recent being telepathy and telekinesis.