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Andrea "Andi" Beaumont is Phantasm, a vengeful vigilante targeting the Gotham City underworld, making her an enemy of her ex-fiancé, Batman.

Andi Beaumont

Andrea Beaumont is the daughter of wealthy businessman Carl Beaumont and his deceased wife, Victoria. In her youth, while attending Gotham University, she first met Bruce Wayne, and they fell in love. The two had planned to marry, but Andrea returned the ring Bruce had given her and went away with her father. This was because Andrea's father's was working with the Gotham mafia; setting up various dummy companies with which illegal profits could be laundered and/or invested as well as providing guidance of how to hide the illegal funds. It turned out that her father had been stealing money from his criminal associates. He, in turn, took the mob's stolen money and turned into a fortune. With the help of Arthur Reeves, Andrea and her father had fled to Europe and lived in secret. Years later, when Arthur was running for elected office for the first time, he quickly ran out of money and appealed to Carl for help. Carl refused and Arthur subsequently sold the knowledge of his whereabouts to the mob. Consequently, the mafia tracked down Carl Beaumont in Europe and killed him in cold blood. After this, Andrea Beaumont descended into darkness and adopted the costumed vigilante guise of the Phantasm to get revenge against those who caused the death of her father.

Apparently, she used her father's money and resources to train in numerous combat skills, and years later returned to Gotham City to put her plans into action. Under the pretense of needing to put old family finances in order, she contacted Arthur Reeves who was an old friend of her family. Unknown to Reeves, Andrea had discovered that he had been the one who sold out her father to the mob. In the ensuing adventure, Andrea, in the guise of the Phantasm, proceeded to kill all of the old mob bosses and the last target was the Joker. Phantasm and Joker fight each other until Batman arrives and saves Andrea after she almost falls victim to one of the Joker's traps. Additionally, both Bruce and Andrea had found out each other's secret identities. Bruce was especially hardest hit by this revelation. Andrea proceeded to escape with Joker as her prisoner and disappeared without a trace.

Phantasm continues to haunt the legacy of Batman

Decades later, Amanda Waller hired Beaumont to murder Terry McGinnis' parents as they were leaving the theater after watching a movie. Waller believed this would spark the same trauma in Terry that would drive him to become a crime-fighter as it did Bruce Wayne years ago. Though she as the Phantasm followed the McGinnises to their car in the parking lot, Beaumont refused to complete her assignment to kill Terry's parents and walked away, leaving them with no clue as to what might have happened. Waller then realized from the refusal that Bruce Wayne would never resort to murder to achieve his goals even as Batman. So Waller honored Beaumont's decision and allowed her to walk away.[1]

Andrea kept tabs on Terry, seeing him fulfill his destiny and become Batman. Fearful that Terry would become a murderer if he learned that his ally Vigilante was responsible for the death of Warren McGinnis, she set out to kill him.[2] Phantasm failed; however, as Jake was able to fend her off with Terry's help.[3] She tried again when Jake was kidnapped by the Jokerz, but they had infected him with Joker Venom, killing him.[4]



  • Scythe: Phantasm's chief weapon is a razor sharp scythe blade that she wears over her right hand.
  • Smoke Emitters: Phantasm's costume can emit blinding smoke screens from her left glove.
    • Fear Toxin: In the future, Andrea would incorporate fear toxin into her smoke to compensate for her aging physique.[6]


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