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Comet is a superhero, the combined form of Andrea Martinez and Andrew Jones. She was the Earth-born angel of love.

Growing up, Andrea Martinez had never been happy. Her parents were intolerant about her sexuality, leading to Andrea trying to commit suicide a few times. Eventually she met and married Cutter Sharp, trying to be something she wasn't. In the end, Andrea left him and started a downward spiral with drugs.[1]

Having no interest in life, Andrea became reckless, taking chances and became a real daredevil. She set out to climb Mount Everest solo, but fell and busted her leg. She was facing certain death, but she was found by Andrew Jones, who went by Zed One and was on the run from an outfit called the Stable. The two became entombed in the snow. To save Andrea's life, Andrew merged himself with her, allowing her to escape in their combined body.[1]

Afterwards, Andrea was experiencing a new joy in life. She changed her name to Andy Jones and became a comedian. At first, she mostly used her other form to get from one comedy gig to the next. However, after she came to Leesburg, she began operating as a superhero. In town, she became attracted to two women: Supergirl and Linda Danvers. She began suspecting that there was something Linda was hiding, but simply figured that Linda was also a lesbian (only closeted). After they had discovered each other's secret identities, Andy learned that she was the angel of love. However, this revelation also prompted Linda to reject Andy's advances, as Linda would never know if her love for Andy's male persona was real or something Andy (as the angel of love) caused to happen.[1]


Other Characteristics

  • Comet is in a relationship with Blithe.