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Andrea Rojas is Acrata, one of the prime heroes of Mexico.

Andrea's father was Bernardo Rojas, once a renowned leader in Central America who researched for "Prehispanic Cultures" at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana de Mexico. She lived alone with her cat named Zapata, named after one of the revolutionary leaders of Mexico.

Acrata specialized in striking against organized crime. Every time she caught a perpetrator or helped avert a tragedy, she cited a literary quotation or, if she had the time, painted graffiti insulting or challenging the local authorities, which might hint at her being an anarchist.

Her powers came from an ancient Mayan symbol which represented the shadows in the night; as such, Acrata was able to teleport once she entered a shadow. This symbol was used by ancient Mayan priests to travel in the dark. It was unknown how Andrea came to its possession. She was also a talented hand-to-hand fighter whose skill levels have not been revealed yet.

Her signature uniform was a black suit with green stripes at her sides, with the Mayan symbol of night at her forehead.

This character seemed to be a kind of Mexican Batman, and despite her anarchist tendencies, she often worked with another two Mexican superheroes: Iman and El Muerto. Together with these two allies and Superman, she once saved Mexico and the world from total destruction from a bio-terrorist group trying to channel the powers inherent in the ley lines of Earth to accomplish their goals.