Angel of Vengeance is a vigilante who was active in Metropolis around 2006.

Early Life

The daughter of an anti-gang activist. Andrea Rojas and her mother were attacked by gangsters one night. Andrea's mother was killed, while Andrea was stabbed in the heart. Andrea survived thanks to a heart transplants. However, the heart was from a girl, who died during 2005 meteor shower in Smallville. Due to the heart having been exposed to Kryptonite radiation, Andrea developed superhuman strength.[1]

After her recovery, Andrea donned a suit and began fighting crime around Suicide Slum, hoping to find the gang member, who had killed her mother. She also began as an intern at the Daily Planet, to gain information for her activities as a vigilante.[1]

Season Five

In early 2006, she saved Martha Kent from some muggers. This soon lead to her encountering and teaming up with Clark Kent, who was deeply upset by his father's recent death and wanted to get back Jonathan's watch, which one of the muggers had stolen.[1]

They quickly bonded over their shared grief and anger, but when they confronted the mugger (that also happened to be the man, who killed Andrea's mother), Clark refused to kill the man, while Andrea felt that he deserved to die. Andrea used a piece of Kryptonite to immobilize Clark and killed the mugger. However, before dying, the mugger revealed that he had been acting on orders from someone. He didn't know who, but said that the man had received a phone call from Lionel Luthor.[1]

Andrea went to LuthorCorp Plaza, with intent to kill Lionel, but was stopped by Clark. Andrea fled the scene and quit her position at the Daily Planet.[1]

The Vengeance Chronicles

She was planing to leave Metropolis, but was confronted by two men working for Lex Luthor, at her apartment.[2] However, Andrea was saved by Nick Yang, who recruited her in his mission to bring down Lex.[3] Andrea went to Luthor Mansion with Nick and his girlfriend, Molly Griggs. However, upon realizing that Molly was intending to kill Lex, rather than just exposing him, Andrea had a change of heart. She and Nick turned on Molly, who was then turned over the police.[4]

Afterwards, Andrea decided to continue her activities as the "Angel of Vengeance".[5]

Season Eleven

Around 2012, Andrea was confronted and taken down by Rose Wilson. It is unknown if Andrea survived the encounter.[6]




  • Near-sightedness: Andrea requires glasses or contacts to be able to see correctly.[1]


  • Andrea's birthday is July 7, 1981.[2]
  • As some tie-in material was not canon,[7][8] it is unknown if her experiences in the tie-in series The Vengeance Chronicles are canon to the TV Series Smallville. The fact that the characters does not appear to learn about the 33,1 Project until season 6,[9] would indicate that the webseries is not canon.



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